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Below is a list of those people who have graciously allowed me to use their pictures and other information. And to those who refused permission....well, never mind! :) Personally, I've always been taught that no matter how much work you put into something, you should always humble yourself enough to help your fellow man. I've worked hard on a few things here, and yet I still allow anyone to use whatever they want to, as long as its on a family friendly site. I guess I'll never quite understand those people who get all upset when people want to use their information. Personally, they should feel honored that there are those who like their work so much and want to use it (and give proper credit). Anyway, here are those who have been kind enough to help me out..........

A big THANKS and SWING HEIL to the following:

An Unofficial Homepage for the movie "The Doors"
The pictures of Frank as "Robby Krieger" came from this site.
20th Century Fox's "Broken Arrow" page
My "Broken Arrow" pictures come from this site.
Strawberry Fields Homepage
Allowed me to use the "Outer Limits" pictures.
Supermergentroid Swing Kids Site
In case you couldn't guess, this site allowed me to use some of the "Swing Kids" pictures you see here.
Buddy Faro Official Site
My pictures from "Buddy Faro" where found here.
A Frank Whaley Fan Page
Gave me the picture on my index page and many in my gallery.