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I have no idea how to do thumbnails, so you'll have to wait a while for this page to load. It seems to load faster on some computers,but slower on others. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the few pictures that I have been able to gather. If you have any you'd like to see on here, please send them to me via email at: webmistress23@hotmail.com.You will get proper credit by giving me your URL so that I can put it on My Copyrights Page. Thanks!

BrokenArrow CafeSociety SwingKids Doors Doors BuddyFaro BrokenArrow BrokenArrow OuterLimits Buddy Faro CafeSociety FrankWhaley Swimming Career CafeSociety FrankWhaley OuterLimits CutiePatootie OuterLimits FrankWhaley OuterLimits Buddy Faro