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Below are some fun spots on the web. If you have a web page or know of one that you think should be on here, or on my swing links page, send me the name of the site and its URL by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Thanks a lot and happy surfing!

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CCMusic Home Page

Amnesty International on-line

My Other Homepages

Strong Convictions A Christian homepage with movie and music reviews, my testimony, devotions, pen pals, prayer list, an article about being single, etc.

Bernadette Peters: Doin' What Comes Naturally Movie reviews, pictures, bio, filmography, My “Annie Get Your Gun” review, and more.

More Frank Whaley Links

Meet Frank Whaley! Contact info, AOL chat, and lots of nice looking pictures.

Frank Whaley Fan Page Bio information, movie information, birthday countdown, and pictures.

Another Great Frank Whaley Page Part of a “Swing Kids” site. Includes info on his movies, links, and lots of great Swing Kids information.

Supermergantroid Swing Kids Site Reviews, pictures, links, articles, bios on the cast (including Frank) and some wonderful links for the stars as well as Christian links.

Frank’s Co-Stars

Ethan Hawke Unofficial Page News, links, Frank links, articles, book info, etc.

Spaceyland Kevin Spacey’s official sites. Includes the Rumor Mill, Official Fan Club info, photo gallery, fun stuff for fans, and more!

RSL In The Spotlight Includes links, theater info, bio, pictures, articles archive, Live Reading, etc.

A Look At RSL This site has a filmography, video clips, pictures, trivia, goodies, etc.

Kenneth Branagh Compendium Click here for fun stuff, photo gallery, theater info, movie info, television info, updated news, etc.

Helena Bonhan Carter Homepage Updated news, film info, bookstore, pictures, video footage, mailing list, etc.

Val Kilmer Doesn’t have much, but it does have some info, films, and links.

Vixen’s Val Kilmer Page TV appearances, bio, films, links, video, voting booth, and more.

Jennifer Connelly Fan Page Bio, film, and pictures.

Jennifer Connelly World This site includes a gallery, feedback, movie info, and links.

Syd Satellite's John Travolta Home Page Has a bio, film information, pictures, scientology info, articles, etc.

Angela's Christian Slater Page This site has pictures, tv news, movie info, and links.

Christian Bale Official Web Site Film info, bio, updated news, pictures, contact info, charity information, video clips, etc.

A Samantha Mathis Homepage Has some news, bio, contact info, movie info, tv info, photo gallery, etc.

A Tom Cruise Unofficial Homepage Includes bio, sounds, images, news, chat room, etc.

Laura Flynn Boyle’s Cloud 9 This site has a bio, film, news, images, contact, interview, etc.

A Noah Fleiss Unofficial Site Has a bio, tv news, updated info on what he's doing, awards, and trivia.

Unofficial Noah Wyle Fan Page Check this site out for pictures, bio, film, interview, poll, and lots of other fun stuff.

Other Great Performers

Jimmy Stewart Museum Site One of the greatest actors that ever lived. Visit this site for info on the museum, his movies, and get souvenirs!

Unofficial Kate Winslet Fan Club (free) Message board, updated news, loads of pictures, chat room, and articles. Ten times better then Kate’s official site!

The Unoffical Megan Follows Homepage Star of “Anne of Green Gables.” Bio information and more info on her movie, TV, and theater career, as well as some nice pictures and links.

The Unofficial Schuyler Grant Homepage Another “Anne of Green Gables” star. Bio information that she gave the webmistress herself, contact info, movie info, pictures, and links.

The Unofficial Jonathan Crombie Homepage A third star of “Anne of Green Gables.” Biography, filmography, theater information, and lots of links as well as some pictures.

Lord of the Dance Cats information, souvenirs, tour info, etc. I saw this show live (3rd row seats). You gotta see it if you haven’t!

Tap Dogs Tap dancing brought into the 90’s! Bios of the cast, tour info, souvenirs, etc. Oh, and these guys are hot, not to mention awesome dancers.....need I say more?!

Theater Sites

Broadway Information Page The best theater site around! Includes ticket info, theater info, and information on Broadway, off Broadway, and off off Broadway shows.

Playbill Online Go here for all of the updated information on Broadway and its stars! Ticket and hotel info included.

Christians In Theater Arts This is a wonderful place for Christians involved in theater.

Other Christian Theater Links Includes info on writing plays, plus you can get copies of plays to perform in church or anywhere else!

More Christian Sites

DC Talk’s Official Web Site Tons of merchandise, video clips, art gallery, pictures, chat room, and links.

CCM Music The place for tons of Discussion Zones for all kinds of Christian artists including DC Talk, Newsboys, Point of Grace, 4Him, The W’s, Petra, Supertones, Michael W. Smith, and many, many, many more!

Christian Pen Pals Come here to find thousands of Christian Email Pen Pals and Submit your own pen pal ad!

My Favorite Movies

Patch Adams Critics hated it, but I love this movie! Robin Williams is wonderful as the doctor I wish I had! Based on a true story.

You've Got Mail Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in this cute comedy about falling in love via email.

Prince of Egypt A wonderful movie about the life of Moses.

Grease Grease is the word! My favorite musical movie!

Titanic This movie sure didn’t sink at the box office! I’m not obsessed like some are about this movie, but I do think it’s a great film!

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