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My name is Maggi and I am a 23 year old Pennsylvanian who is attending The Community College. After going about three years (even though its supposed to be a two year college), I finally decided what I wanted to major in. I chose The Performing Arts. I've always wanted to try it but I have a past filled with panic attacks and stage fright, so I never had the guts to go for it! But then I took two 8 week acting classes to see how I liked it and I enjoyed acting so much that I decided to major in it. I was in my first play in the spring of 1998. I played a mouse in "Cinderella" and although it was just a small drama club production, I still had fun! We only performed it twice for the day care kids as well as any family and friends who wanted to come, but I guess it was still good for gaining stage experience. The Performing Arts Department does two to three shows a semester and in the fall of 1998, I auditioned for "Crimes of the Heart," but didn't get a part. That's okay though. I was bummed at first, but that went away within an hour or so. I was still very excited for my friends who got in. Finally, in the spring of 1998 I auditioned for "You Can't Take it With You." The director had me read for just about every female part and ended up giving me the one part that I didn't read for.....go figure! I played a drunken actress named Gay Wellington. It wasn't a huge part (I was only on stage for about 30 minutes), but it was still fun! I guess it doesn't matter if I ever get a huge part or not. Look at Frank Whaley. He doesn't always get the lead either! Besides, I'm new at this so I guess I can't expect to be Meg Ryan all of a sudden! The best part for me is the fact that although I got filled with anxiety before I went on stage, once I was on, every single nerve went away and I had so much fun! Next fall the Performing Arts Department is going to be doing "Born Yesterday." Wish me luck! I hope I get in!

One of the greatest actors that ever lived is definitey Jimmy Stewart! He is so awesome and I recently visited The Jimmy Stewart Museum. What an experience! He's one of the finest actors this world has ever known. As far as today's actors go, Frank Whaley is definitely a favorite (of course), as well as Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Christian Bale, Robert Sean Leonard, and Kenneth Branagh. My all time favorite actress is Bernadette Peters. My dram,a club went to NYC this past March and I got to see "Annie Get Your Gun". I payed full price and got orchestra seats. She is so adorable on stage! I also saw "Jekyll and Hyde" which was also very good. When we went to NYC last spring, I had seen "Les Miserables" which was okay and I also saw Natalie Portman ("Star Wars: the Phantom Menace") in "The Diary of Anne Frank." I had 7th row orchestra seats for that and they were only $30 at the TKTS booth. That's one of the greatest plays I have ever seen. I had always wanted to see that show performed live, so to be able to see performed live for the first time was exciting, but to see it on Broadway made it even more exciting for me! The only other Broadway show I ever saw in NYC was "Miss Saigon" in 1994. I've seen "Rent," "The Who's Tommy," and "Footloose" when they came to my town.

If I had to list all of my favorite movies, we'd be here forever, so here's my top ten (in no certain order): "Swing Kids," "Alive," "The Diary of Anne Frank," "Schindlers List," "Little Women," "Much Ado About Nothing," "Rear Window," "Rope," "You've Got Mail," and "Patch Adams." I also loved "Grease" and "Titanic" (okay, I actually gave you a top 12......so sue me! hehehe). I used to love watching "Promised Land" every single week, until the morons at CBS who obviously don't know decent, quality entertainment, cancelled it! It was a spinoff of my other favorite TV show that I never like to miss, "Touched by an Angel." I also love "Cosby," "America's Most Wanted," "Early Edition," and I am obsessed with reruns (especially "The Cosby Show," "The Golden Girls," "The Brady Bunch," and "The Jeffersons"). I admit that I also watch talk shows and I got to see Maury Povich when I was in NYC. The episode I saw was about people who overcame tragic accidents. A woman came up to my friends and I on the streets of New York and asked if we wanted to go see it (she's one of the producers). We were hoping to see something like make overs or wild teens, but the show we saw was very uplifting, and I went through tissues like crazy! We were in the front row too and I even saw myself on TV! They ran the episode just the other day, so that was cool to see. I do stay away from Jerry Springer though! I used to watch him long ago until his show went down hill. Now I hope they get rid of it forever!

I'm a born again Christian and I have my own Christian homepage called Strong Convictions. Visit there if you're interested in what it means to be a Christian, or if you are already a Christian. I have stuff on there like devotions, movie and music reviews, my testimony, and other fun stuff. I listen to mostly Christian music, esp. Christian rock like Rebecca St. James, DC Talk, The Newsboys, and Petra. But I also enjoy Broadway show tunes, movie soundtracks, 30's swing (esp. Benny Goodman), oldies music (esp. the Beatles, Buddy Holly, and Ritchie Valens), and other stuff like Brandy and Celine Dion. Oh, and I love Ricky Martin! What a babe.....hehehehe!

I love learning about people in history. I'm really into Joan of Arc. I hope that one day I'll have her kind of faith! The movie about her that was recently on CBS was awesome and in the fall there's a feature film about her coming out which will star John Malkovich (a very, um.....interesting person)! I can't wait to see it! I also like learning about Native American history, Evita, the Holocaust esp. Anne Frank and Corrie Ten Boom, Martin Luther King Jr., JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald and a few other things. I was homeschooled from the 6th grade until I was done with high school and it taught me to enjoy learning. That's how I got interested in Shakespeare and Theater. I'm sorry, but most of the history they teach in public school is b-o-r-i-n-g! Its so refreshing to be able to choose which historical subjects you want to learn about.

If I could pick four plays to be in, I'd choose: Little Women, the Crucible, Night Mother, and The Diary of Anne Frank. Those are some of my all time favorite stories and I think it would be so much fun to be in them (even if it was the smallest part in the show). But right now, I'll audition for anything our school does, except for musicals! I love watching them, but being in them.....FORGET IT! If you heard me sing, you'd understand why! Hehehe!

Well, I know I've babbled about myself long enough, so I best be going now! I'm looking for a summer job so I need to fill out some applications. I've also decided to work on some monologues over the summer (something I like to do for fun and for practice)! I hope you didn't fall asleep reading this. My life is anything but exciting! Take care and enjoy seeing the rest of my site!

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