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Here you will find the latest information that I can find on Frank Whaley. I'm also leaving this open for updated information on this site. So to find out what's going on with my web page or with Frank, this is the place to be!

5/29/99 Frank Whaley is now starring in a new film that he both directed and wrote called Joe The King. Set in the 1970s, Joe the King is a touching portrayal of a kid who feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. The movie also stars Val Kilmer and Noah Fleiss. Go to the web site for more information, including reviews.

5/29/99 I saw on the credits for Joe The King, that the music is performed by Robert Whaley and Anthony Grimaldi. Hmmm....could that Robert Whaley be Frank's brother? Well, considering that "Whaley" isn't a very common last name, that Frank does have a brother who plays in a band, and that Frank is the director of this picture, I would say that in all likelyhood, Robert Whaley is indeed Frank's brother.

5/29/99 Although there is no confirmation at this time, a website dedicated to actor Noah Fleiss lists the films' release date as October, 1999. I hope it comes to where I live!

5/29/99 To read an interview that Frank Whaley did, please Click Here. Its an interesting look into "Joe the King" as well as a look at the behind the scenes making of this motion picture.

5/29/99 Click Here to find out more about "Joe The King," formerly called "Pleasant View Avenue."

5/30/99 I just saw on The Entertainment Tonight Web Site that at The Sundance Film Festival, Frank Whaley won the Screenwriters Award for “Joe The King.” Another screenwriting award went to a woman named Audrey Wells for her film, “Guinevere.” Congratulations to you both! I think this may be the first award Frank Whaley has ever won for his work and not only that, but he won it for the first film he ever wrote, directed, and stars in! That goes to show you just how talented this guy is!

I found a web site dedicated to Frank's movie, "I Went To Coney Island On A Mission From God.....Be Back By Five." Just Click Here to find out more information on this movie.

6/01/99 Today I have put the finishing touches on my web site. It is now completed and ready to send to the search engines, and any web sites willing to put up a link for me! If you have a web site, and it’s family friendly, please put a link up for me! The URL is: http://members.tripod.com/~FrankWhaley/index.html If you send me an email letting me know you did this, I’ll be more then happy to put a link up for you as well! This web site was a joy to create and I hope that those visiting my site will appreciate the hard work that has gone into it. But most of all, I pray that one day Frank himself will happen upon this site of mine (that is, if he ever gets a freakin’ computer)! Maybe we could all donate money and buy him one…..hehehehe, just kidding! Anyway, if you see any broken links or pictures, if you have any Frank news, or if you have any ideas that may make this a better site, email me at webmistress23@hotmail.com and let me know. Thanks a lot!

6/01/99 I just sent Frank Whaley a letter. I'll let you know if I hear anything from him! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

6/03/99 COMING SOON: I'm working on some more movie reviews right now, as well as an article on the real swing kids, quotes from his films, and something called "You Might Be A Frank Whaley Fan If." I'll be adding a little bit at a time, so keep an eye out, okay?!!!!!

6/07/99 "When Trumpets Fade" is being released onto video tomorrow, June 8th. Click Here to order yourself a copy for only $12.99. It will come to $16.94 with the shipping and handeling charges.

6/07/99 At most places online, "Cafe Society" can cost up to $80.00! That is way too much for any movie if you ask me, but, if you Click Here you can get it for only $19.99! If you buy this and "When Trumpets Fade, at the same time, you actually save on shipping costs. I ordered both movies and it came to about $30.88. Once I get the movies, I'll be watching them and posting the reviews ASAP!

6/07/99 According to an Ethan Hawke web site that I ran into, Frank was Ethan's best man when he wed Uma Thurman last year. I bet he was so gosh darn cute in his tuxedo!

6/08/99 Frank was on a repeat of E! Goes To Cannes '95 last week on E! Entertainment Television. He wasn't on very long though. He only said about 5 sentences, but I'm hoping they'll rerun it again soon. If they do, I'll let you know both the time and the air date.

6/08/99 Trimark Pictures has picked up "Joe the King" for distribution. Their site doesn't have any more info yet, but I'm sure that as the release date comes closer, they'll have some kind of information. There is a part on the site in which you can leave questions and they'll answer you. So if you have any questions about "Joe The King," go to their site and ask away!

6/09/99 I have added a page to my site called, The Real Swing Kids. This includes a little background on the actual Swing Kids movement, pictures from the film "Swing Kids," swing lingo, and swing links. Enjoy!

6/10/99 I added a Copyrights Page and I took many of my Frank Whaley pictures and created a Picture Gallery.

6/11/99 I added three new movie reviews today: The Freshman, To Dance With the White Dog and Ironweed.

6/16/99 I added a lot more links today, including many for Frank's co-stars. I also have a banner for my site which is on my "Welcome" page. Feel free to use it on your site.....just remember to link it to http://members.tripod.com/~FrankWhaley/index.html You can also find two new pages: My Mission Statement which tells you the purpose of this site and My View which tells you about what I see in Frank that caused me to create this site.

6/18/99 Well, the letter I sent to Frank was returned today. Apparently, he has a new agent. The post office put the correct address on the envelope, but I don't know why they didn't just forward it if they know the new address?!!! Anyway, his new address can be found on my site. I'll try sending a letter to this new address and see what happens!

6/19/99 Three more reviews are up: Little Monsters, Field of Dreams, and Born on the Fourth of July. I also have a fan club for Frank. To join, just go to: A Frank Whaley Fan Club. See ya!

7/07/99 Click Here to buy Frank's movies and other items related to this star. More items added almost daily.